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Three sets of two words: Domestic Belle. Life Support. Heart Murmurs. That’s right, guys. We’re talking about andachippedcup. I really wish I knew the author well enough to comment on how amazing I’m sure she is, but alas I can only compliment her writing. Which is bloody amazing. The amount of effort and research that must go into intern!Belle blows my mind.

Also, Lamaze Lessons was the first fic I ever shared with my friends, who are not really in the fandom at all. It popped up on my dash while we were hanging out and they demanded to know why I couldn’t stop squealing and laughing (you don’t understand…I was in tears from laughing) and when they read it they really enjoyed it. THE POWER OF RUMBELLE PREVAILS. 

But really. Her writing is so detailed that you feel like you are there watching it happen. I really, really enjoy each story I’ve read and will gladly tackle anything I haven’t. In fact, I already love the things I haven’t read yet because I know they’re going to be amazing.